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My Perfect Agency

We were sent the article My Perfect Agency by a reader.

Big Margin from the Agency

I have had an experience where the agency were taking 30 percent.

So, I was advised to get the client on my side.

Agencies Should Disclose Mark Up

Some clients even insist that agencies disclose what they are paying their contractors. It is definitely not in the client’s interest that an agency takes an unethical margin.

I also don’t agree that what the agency gets from the client is not the contractor’s business.

I personally would like to see, therefore, a situation where agencies are required to disclose their mark up – both to the client and the contractor.

We live in a world where transparency is becoming increasing valued.

More Professional Approach

Even better would be an agency (or agencies) who take the lead in a much more professional approach to contracting.

Where clients needs are properly met and contractors properly remunerated and the agency takes a modest cut which any normal person would consider reasonable.

Such an agency, my perfect agency, could sweep up the entire market!

ITContractor Comment

There is no reason why agencies should not disclose their mark-up.

You don’t have to be the perfect agency to do so.

The only reason that I can see is so that they can hide how much they are taking from both the IT Contractor and the client.

They are, basically, ashamed of what they are charging.

So, perhaps someone, somewhere, can set up a website, where agencies who have nothing to hide, disclose their mark-up.

I think that this would be a popular website with IT Contractors.

There are too many instances, however, of when we hear that agencies are taking 30% or more of what a client company pay for an IT Contractors.

Either that or agencies can disclose to individual IT Contractors what their margins are before they send off their CV.

That would be even better.

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