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Easy IT Contract
Easy IT Contract

Easy IT Contract

Reader Chris B posted this about an easy IT Contract, as a comment after one of our articles.

I once was in a contract where I had around 10 days proper work in a 9 month period.

The strategy was to “look busy”, which involved reading lots of computer books.

I did tell my manager that i had nothing to do. So if anyone did see me browsing the net for hours, I could say “well I’ve told my manager I have nothing to do”, if it was ever brought up by management.

Wasted Resource

Really, the client has a wasted resource sitting doing nothing, but companies
sometimes don’t care because its a matter of head-count rather than productivity.

Long lunches don’t matter as you charge by the hour anyway and also you don’t have anything to rush back to your desk for.

ITContractor.com Comment

I think quite a few contractors have had this type of contract although rarely as bad (or good) as Chris B‘s contract.

One wonders if some type of fraud is not happening here, not by the contractor, but whoever hired him.

It would be especially true if a third party client was being charged daily for someone who was doing virtually nothing.

You don‘t specify here if this is the case in this instance.

It was an easy IT contract but it may have been boring too.

Or would it be one of your best contracts?

Charging Out for Doing Nothing

I wonder if any of our contractor readers have been in this situation and have been getting charged out whilst doing virtually nothing.

What would you do in this situation?

Would you just take the money and do what you like?

Or would you quit the contract and go elsewhere?

I’m not sure what I would do. I just don’t know.