Contractor Reference – My recruitment agency won’t give me a reference

Contractor Reference
Contractor Reference

Contractor Reference

A reader sent us this, about not getting a Contractor Reference from his agency.


I was wondering if you could give me a bit of advice.

My agency is not giving me any good contractor reference when other agencies call them up.

I have now emailed my agency and asked them to post me a reference and they still have not done that.

What shall I do? Advice

I find it strange that you ask your agency for a reference.

Most people would ask someone at their client company where they worked to give them a reference. Most agents wouldn’t know whether you are good or not.

It surprises me also that you give the name of your previous agency to other agencies.

The obvious thing to do is to ask whoever you worked for at your client company to give you a reference.

Ask Contractors for Reference

Perhaps I shouldn’t say this but if they won’t do that (and they often won’t for a contractor), ask someone you worked with, contractor or permie, to give you a reference.

I’m sure they would be happy to do that.

Most agencies don’t care where the contractor reference comes from – only that there is one.

In fact, they seldom take references for contractors as they work short term anyway. I’m surprised at why you see the importance of getting one.

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