My agency lied to me over contract rate

Agency Lied To Me over Contract rate
Agency Lied To Me over Contract rate

Agency Lied To Me

This is form Denise who says that her agency lied to her over a contract.

It is my first contract and I thought my agent would look after my interests.

When I went for my first interview I had told the agency that I wanted £350 a day.

It was on that basis that I was put forward.

I went for the interview and got the job.

However, the agency told me that the client couldn‘t pay me £350 a day as the rest of their contractors are on £300 a day.

This was disappointing but I could understand it – and i was getting much more than in my permie job anyway.

Different Rates

However, I‘ve been here for a couple of months now and I‘ve discovered that the other contractors are on different rates but all in the £375 to £400 a day bracket.

I must say that I lost my faith in agencies when I heard that.

The agency must have lied to me.

I have 4 months left to go on my contract.

The agency lied to me.

What should I do, Dr. McLaughlin?

Have you come across this before?

Dr. McLaughlin‘s IT Surgery

This may surprise you Denise but this is very common.

Indeed I would say that something similar would have happened to most first time contractors.

Agencies love them.

You said ‘I thought my agent would look after my interests’.

You must stop thinking like this straight away.

This is not like the acting industry.

He or she is not ‘your agent‘.

They are merely matchmakers.

Different Goals

Indeed the more money you get from the client the less they get.

Your aims are aligned up to the point that you get the contract – and then you are in direct competition with them for the client‘s money.

Basically, the agency tried it on with you Denise.

The client would have agreed the fee you asked for and told the agency that they wanted you to start.

The agency basically robbed you of £250 a week or £6,500 over the length of your contract.

Of course, it is his or her word against yours.

What to Do

There are still some things that you can do, though.

Firstly, you can confront ‘your agent‘ and tell them that you have discovered that the rest of the contractors are on £375 to £400 a day and that you know that the agent told you a direct lie.

You can then ask what the agency is getting from the client.

They won‘t tell you but you can then threaten to ask the client.

This is not a wise thing to do as the client will not want to get involved in disputes between and agency and a contractor but as far as the agent is concerned you might do as you say and that will put them on the back foot.

Demand to Have Rate Reinstated

You can then demand to have your £50 a day reinstated and have it reinstated from the first day of the contract.

You can threaten to go to the boss of the agency to tell him or her about the lie ‘˜your agent‘ told you.

One shouldn‘t assume that lying to people is agency policy.

You may find that this has an effect and you are able to get at least some of the money back.

Contract Renewal

However, if it doesn‘t, what you should say is that if you get a renewal in 4 months time you will expect your £350 a day rate to be reinstated.

That gets the agent off the hook as it would be difficult for her or him to go to the company and say that your rate needs to be changed mid-contract because he or she lied to you.

It would be a much easier thing for him or her to get away with at renewal time.

Agency TakingYour Money

Of course, it does make you sick that he or she and his or her agency will split £6,500 of your money due to a straight lie which both you and they know they told.

However, it is better that you at least get the rate reinstated at renewal time.

And remember, the agency lied to you. Never trust an agency again.

It is not ‘your agent‘.