Good IT Recruitment Companies – Most agencies are OK

Good IT Recruitment Companies
Good IT Recruitment Companies

Good IT Recruitment Companies and Bad

There are some really good IT recruitment companies. However, there are some really ‘bad egg‘ agencies around who will try any trick in the book to gain a competitive advantage.

In fact the good agencies despise the bad agencies every bit as much as contractors do. Perhaps even more as the ‘˜bad eggs‘ are trying to get a competitive advantage on them.

The ‘˜bad egg‘ agencies bring the good agencies‘ profession in to disrepute, and turn contractors against agencies in general. This makes the communication and trust between contractors and agencies far more difficult to maintain.

Agency Codes of Conduct

Agencies‘ organisations like APSCo have a code of conduct that their members need to adhere to. They also have a disciplinary process for when their members contravene the code of conduct. This is a welcome step in the right direction.

However, only the larger agencies belong to APSCo.

There are different views among the agencies as to how effective the policing of bad agencies can be by ATSCo and RECs. Moreover, there is no reason for agencies not to publish their own code of conduct. There is no reason that they shouldn‘t compete against each other to have codes of conduct that are attractive to contractors and clients.

These codes of conduct would apply both in the case where a contractor has been placed and in the case when they are looking for a suitable position to place a contractor.

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If there are agencies out there who have codes of conduct that they feel would be attractive to contractors, then we have an interest in publishing them.

Agencies‘ codes of conduct would be of great interest to contractors. Agencies and Contractors are in the same boat, although their interests may sometimes diverge. The more cooperation and goodwill that there can be between the two professions, the better it will be for both.

There are some really good IT recruitment companies around. So, let’s hear from you.

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