Hack Contractors Mobile Phones – Major Agency Does it to get leads

Hack Contractor Mobile Phones
Hack Contractor Mobile Phones

Agencies Hack Contractors Mobile Phones

There are many devious things that agencies do, but to hack contractors mobile phones must be one of the worst.

According to recruitment consultants, a major agency used to use underhand methods (and may still do) to find out what contracts that contractors had been put forward to, and to find out which ones that they had interviews for.

They used that information to put up opposition CVs and candidates to the contractor. They may, also, when given the opportunity, have rubbished the contractor that they stole the leads from to the client in order to give their own candidates a better chance of winning the contract.

The Contractors Phone Network

It seems that what they did was to phone the contractor in his or her mobile phone. That way they would find out what network the contractor is on.

What they did next was to go check your network and then listen to your voice mail using the default settings such as 8705, 3333 and 0000.

They would then be able to listen to all your messages. That would include those from agencies telling you about the latest status of the contract that you are chasing.

That information then set them off into action to try and rip that contract opportunity away from you. They wanted to feast on that carcass themselves.

Even if they got nothing out of it they had one more client contact on their database.

Can’t Reveal Agency’s Name

Although we know the name of the agency involved we can‘t reveal it.

It just shows you that some agencies will stop at virtually nothing to get contacts and opportunities. That’s even if it rips the spoils from the mouths of contractors who they‘ve convinced that they are trying to help.

It can be a very dodgy dog-eat-dog industry.

To hack contractors mobille phones to get leads ranks trly with the worst ever agency tricks.

Contractors need to have as much information as they can get in order not to be caught out by the filthy tricks that agencies play on them.

How much lower can some agencies go?

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