Lib Dems Top Contractor Poll with IR35 Biggest Factor – Conservatives 3rd

Lib Dems Top Contractor Poll
Lib Dems Top Contractor Poll

Lib Dems Top Contractor Poll

Today saw the Lib Dems top contractor poll on who they will vote for at the election. Indeed they topped the contractor poll very easily getting more than the Conservatives and Labour combined.

Questions on Lib Dems Top Contractor Poll

  1. How many contractors are there in the UK?
  2. Which party will contractors vote for?
  3. Which factor will most influence contractors votes?
  4. What are the Lib Dems offering contractors?
  5. What are Labour offering contractors?
  6. How did the Conservative Party Scam Contractors in 2010?
  7. What are the Conservative Party’s Plans for Contractors?
  8. How many more contractors do the Conservatives want inside IR35?

How many contractors are there in the UK

There are 5 million self employed. Out of these, 300,000 use Personal Service Companies according to HMRC. However, according to the OBR there are a million contractors using limited companies. So, it depends on who you think is accurate.

However, it still means that there are several hundred of contractors in each constituency. There will probably be more in the highly marginal London and South East constituencies. Indeed contractors could have a major effect on he election.

Which party will contractors vote for

So, what are the poll results then We asked “Contractors, which party will you vote for on December 12th. Here are the results:-

52% – Lib Dems

22% – Labour Party

18% – Conservative Party

8% – Other

That’s fairly overwhelming. The Liberal Democrats are polling 40% more among contractors rather than they do for the rest of the electorate. That could be highly significant as the Lib Dems are 2nd to the Conservatives in very many seats in he South East.

Which factor will most influence contractors votes

We also asked “What will most influence your vote at the next election.” The results were:-

67% – IR35

25% – Brexit

5% – NHS

5% – Other

So, I think you can see why the Lib Dems are rising so high in the contractor polls.

What are the Lib Dems offering contractors

They are offering a delay in implementing the IR35 reforms in the private sector till a review can be done. That’s not exactly promising a hell of a lot as the review might make things worse. But at least the reforms will be delayed.

The SNP say that they want the IR35 reforms to be halted until contractor worries are addressed.

What are Labour offering contractors

Labour say they want to review IR35. Indeed Rebecca Long-Bailey said she thought the IR35 reforms should be scrapped and IR35 reviewed.

However, there is nothing that says that in their Manifesto. Indeed there is nothing written down at all about this and the party leadership certainly have not endorsed this in any way.

I would say to Rebecca Long-Bailey (who is being tipped to be the next leader of the Labour Party) that contractors have been here before. We need something more definite.

How did the Conservative Party Scam Contractors in 2010

In 2010 the Conservatives told contractors representatives verbally that they would scrap IR35. However, they only put in their Manifesto that they would ‘look at’ IR35 again.

They did look at it and loved it and decided to strengthen it which is what they have been doing at virtually every Budget since.

Since the election campaign started they have decided to offer a ‘review’ just like Labour and the Lib Dems.

However, they have not pledged to halt their own plans, even temporarily, to roll out the IR35 changes in the private sector.

It also appears that they want to go further still.

What are the Conservative Party’s Plans for Contractors

Let’s see what they said in the Queen’s speech a few weeks ago.

“We will increase fairness and and flexibility in the labour market by stopping employers and workers experiencing significantly different outcomes from flexible forms of working.”

That doesn’t sound like the offer of a review.

How many more contractors do the Conservatives want inside IR35

So, how many more contractors do they intend catching and putting inside IR35?

Add in Treasury Minister Jess Norman saying recently when answering a question in Parliament on IR35 “There is only 10% compliance in this area”.

One presumes he, Boris and Sajid intend to make the other 90% ‘compliant’ too. After all these years of IR35 they still believe that only one in ten contractors are compliant with IR35.

They ave a Budget planned for December 19th when they will presumably announce their next IR35 plan for contractors.

No wonder they are only running at 14% in our poll.

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