Successful Interviews

Guide to Successful Interviews

Some IT Contractors have a high rate of successful interviews whereas other IT Contractors have a lower rate of successful interviews. Part of that is down to ability but part of it is that the successful ones have done their preparations well.

Preparation for Successful Interviews

It’s crucial that you come to the interview prepared. Here are a few good tips.

Ten Preparations to make before attending an Interview

Interview Tips from an Experienced IT Recruiter – Preparation

At the Interview

Some IT contractors conduct themselves well at interviews and get offered lots of lucrative contracts. Other IT Contractors, meanwhile, conduct themselves badly and have to go to lots of interviews before they get a contract offer. So, here are a few tips which will make sure you are the former.

How to Conduct Yourself at an IT Interview

7 Excuses for why you haven‘t worked for a while

Interview Questions

Firstly, prepare by looking at the likely questions at the interview that you are going to be asked. Here’s one amusing anecdote about an interview question.

The Job interview Killer Question – Only 1 in 200 answered it

Advice from an Interviewer

We give you some very good advice from experienced interviewers. One tells you the type of IT Contractor he wants and the type of IT Contractor he doesn’t want.

Winning IT Interview Techniques

The IT Contractors at Interview I want – by an Experienced IT Recruiter

The IT Contractors at interview I don’t Want by a Client

Successful Telephone Interviews

Some advice is the same as for ordinary interviews but some pertains just to telephone interviews. So, don’t let them catch out.

How to Prepare for a Telephone Interview

Nightmare Interviews

Here is a tale of he IT Contractor’s worst nightmare at an interview.

The IT Contractor‘s Biggest Nightmare

How to Fail Interviews

Here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at how you can so easily fail interviews.

Ten Excuses not to use for not working for a while

Dealing with Rejection

Failing Interviews, however, can be hard. However, if you deal with rejection in the right way than you can profit from it and have more successful interviews in the future.

Reasons you were rejected for the Contract you thought you had

I keep getting turned down for Interviews. Any Advice?

The real reasons you are rejected for an IT Contract