Job Hunting

Guide to Job Hunting

The IT Contractor market is very competitive. It is important to get ahead of the competition when job hunting. You must have as many edges as you can over them.

You want to have the most opportunities to get contracts that you can get. If you take the following advice you will get more contract opportunities than your rival contractors.

Job Hunting Tips

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Advice from Agencies

job hunting
Looking for IT Contracts

Agencies are in the front line of job hunting for contracts. They can give the best advice on how to succeed and how to fail when job hunting for contracts. We have put forward several articles with advice from agencies to job hunting contractors.

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Reasons for Rejection

Reasons you are put forward but not Interviewed

It is crucial to know why your CV has been rejected by a client. If you know this then you can make changes to your CV to make it far more client-friendly.

When job hunting, IT Contractors need all the extra edges that they can get. The more clients that you are put through to, and the more interviews you get, the more contracts you are likely to get.

The successful contractor takes as many edges over the competition as he, or she can get.