Dealing with Agencies

Dealing with Agencies

First Time Contractors will almost always get ripped off when dealing with agencies. As Contractors get more experience they gradually learn more about dealing with Agencies and Agents. Here is some advice on how to cut out the learning experience and learn how to deal successfully with IT Agencies.

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First Time Contractors

When dealing with agencies, first time contractors are almost certain to get ripped off. Agencies love first time contractors. Those contractors are naive when dealing with agencies. They naively think that they are ‘their agents’.

The opposite is true. They want to take as big a percentage of the money they get from clients and leave the new contractor with as little as they can get away with,

The Ten Golden Rules for dealing with IT Agents

As a First Time Contractor how much money should I ask for?

Confessions of an IT Agent. Why we love First Time Contractors

Why Some IT Agents are Complete idiots


Agencies ask to see contractors for the strangest reasons.

Should you ever go for an agency interview?

Starting a New Contract

Once you have been offered a contract, you now hold the whip had over the agency and you should use that to your advantage. However, many contractors don’t realise this and allow the agencies to dictate the agenda. Don’t be one of those contractors.

How to buy time before accepting an IT Contract

When you are offered one IT Contract after agreeing another

I got offered a better contract just after accepting another one

Hitting Agencies for Six

You really can get the upper hand when dealing with agencies – if you take the following advice.

Hitting Agents for Six

The Oldest Trick in the Book

Hitting agencies for Six – When Agencies ask for references

Hitting Agencies for Six – What to do when Agents want to know your bottom line

Hitting Agencies for Six – How to get that rate up after getting the IT Contract

Understanding Agents

To get the better of agencies you need to know more about how they operate.

How come agencies never get back to you

How can I overcome a bad reference?

How I got round restrictive Agency Contract Clauses

Understanding IT Agents

Agency Dirty Tricks

Agencies get up to the very dirtiest tricks when dealing with IT Contractors. You wouldn’t belive some of the stunts they pull. However, you need to learn this very quickly when dealing with agencies.

Top Ten Tricks played on IT Contractors by Recruitment Agencies

Golden Rules for spotting Dodgy Agents

Ten really filthy tricks agents play on IT Contractors

Eight Death Trap Questions Agencies temp Contractors with

Why do Agents ask you for your Current rate?

How Devious Agencies get IT Contractors to croak

Dodgy Agency Practices clamped down on

Contract Rates

Agencies will take as much of the money the client pays for you as they can. So, it is important to know how to put one over on them when dealing with agencies.

Why IT Agents screw contractors for as much as they can get

Renewal Time

If your client wants to renew you, it is important to know how to get yourself the best deal both from your client and the agency. We tell you how.

Getting a Good Rise at Renewal Time: Part 1

Getting a Good Rise at Renewal Time: Part 2

Getting a Good Rise at Renewal Time: Part 3

Rooking the IT Contractor at Renewal Time

Can I dump my agency and go direct?

Confessions of an Agent

We asked a guy, who used to be an IT agent, to spill the beans on the tricks that agencies get up to and how contractors can counteract this when dealing with agencies. Read the following articles to find out how to do this.

Confessions of an Agent. How to take more of an IT Contractors Money

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Cold Calls from Agencies

You have to know what you are doing here and why you get cold calls from agencies.

Great Advice for Handling calls from Agents

Ten Questions you could ask agencies spamming references from you

Agency Critiques

We look at the role of agencies in the IT Contractor market.

Are IT Agents Useful?

Why IT Agencies drop you

Are IT Agencies Good or bad for the IT Industry?

Advice from Agents

We give the very best advice on agencies and how to get the best out of them.

How to choose an agent and how to help them to help you

An Agent – How we negotiate with IT Contractors

Ten things an IT Contractor really needs to know about Agencies

An Agent advises contractors on how they can do more business with them

Why Agents Dump You. From an Agent

Dirty Tricks played by IT Contractors on Agents

Payment Problems from Agencies

Once an agency is late with a payment to you, you have to act very quickly. They come up with lots of plausible excuses as to why the payment is late. You shouldn’t accept any of them. They have broken the terms of their contract with you and you must now act.

When an IT Agency doesn‘t pay, act extremely quickly

How Contractors are affected when a major agency goes bust

Expert Advice on what to do when your agency goes belly up