Contractor Question – The guy sitting near me stinks

Contractor Question
Contractor Question

Contractor Question 1

The guy, that sits across the partition from me, smells.

It is an unwashed type of smell that you smell when you pass a down-and-out.

You may think that this is a bit of a joke, but it spoils my day. I‘m even thinking of getting another job over it. What would you advise?

Contractor Answer 1

I presume that you‘ve ruled out having a quiet word with him?

I would say that you should pass this problem on to management, and let them sort it out.

Tell them that it spoils your day and that you find it difficult to keep your mind on the job. Rather than lose a good worker, I think you‘ll find that they‘ll sort it out.

Contractor Question 2

I‘ve just been told by one of the girls in my project team that she objects to sitting near a guy who she says smells.

I must say that I‘ve noticed it myself.

It is very difficult to know what to say to someone with such a personal problem, but I don‘t want to lose this girl as she is probably my best Business Analyst. What should I do about it?

Contractor Answer 2

As this is not a work related problem, but a personal problem, I suggest that you pass it across to Personnel.

It is up to them to solve issues like that.

Contractor Question 3

I work in Personnel, and I‘ve just been told by the IT department that they have a worker that smells.
I feel that this is not my problem, and they should solve their own problems. What do you think?

Contractor Answer 3

It would have been much better if the IT management had told the girl that she should have spoken to the other person involved.

These things are solved much easier when people do it on a person-to person basis.

This is not something that management or personnel should be expected to solve.

Contractor Question 4

Further to my question to you earlier in the week, I passed the problem on to my management, who passed the problem on to Personnel, who said that I should deal with the problem myself.

Nothing has changed much. What should I do now?

Contractor Answer 4

I think that this shows up the problem with both management and Personnel.

They all want to pass the buck, and nobody wants to take a decision. They just tell people what they want to hear.

Thank you for consulting me, and keep me in touch with what happens.

Contractor Question 5

I have a problem with body odour, which I have had all my life. I think it has cost me jobs in the past.

Previously I had some treatment for it, and it seems to have worked, because no one seems to have noticed it at the place where I work now.

I have never had much of a relationship with girlfriends in the past, mainly because of my lack of confidence over my personal problems.

There is a girl who sits near me in the office, who keeps looking over to me. She does it several times a day.

I thought that she was waving to me yesterday, but I wasn‘t sure if she was just fanning her face because she was hot, so I didn‘t wave back.

I‘m thinking of inviting her out. What would your advice be?

I‘m glad to hear that you have put your personal problems behind you.

It must have been awful. I would take it very gently with this girl.

I would make sure that she feels the same for you that you feel for her.

As Plato once said when, ‘Once you plunge your harpoon into a woman, you go where she takes you’ (Editor‘s Note:- It was actually John Wayne who said this and not Plato).

I would keep the conversation to work related topics in the beginning.

Contractor Question 6

Further to my previous letter to you, I agree that both management and Personnel just want to pass the buck, and just tell people what they want to hear.

It‘s got worse now. The guy has started coming across to talk to me now, talking to me about Object Oriented and Java.

Not only is he smelly but boring as well. I‘ve just about had enough of the situation. I‘m at my wits end. The days are becoming unbearable. What should I do now?

Contractor Answer 6

I think that it must be coming close to the time when you start sending out your CV.

Your management has let you down badly.

If they are not going to act to help you, then you should consider your position.

Contractor Question 7

Thanks for the earlier answer about how to solve the problem about the girl who works on my project that complained about the smell of the guy sitting next to her.

You were quite right about pushing the problem back to her to solve.

I quite often see the two of them sitting together now, talking about work problems.

That‘s quite a weight off my mind, I can tell you.

Contractor Answer 7

Yes, I think that‘s it‘s always best if two people can sort this out themselves, without running to management all the time.

Contractor Question 8

Thank you for your previous advice.

I think that it is a shame that management are too weak knee‘d to act.

So, I have resigned and taken a new position at IBM.

I just have to hand over what I am doing to a new girl that started today.

Contractor Answer 8

I think that it is for the best.

I feel that management have abandoned you, and when that happens, the only way is out.

Contractor Question 9

I have just started this new job.

I took over from a girl who left on Friday.

I‘ve noticed that the guy across the partition smells. It is quite spoiling my day. What should I do?

Contractor Answer 9

You should not have to work in an environment like this.

You should speak to your project manager about this.

Leave it up to him to solve the problem.

Contractor Question 10

The girl across the partition left on Friday, but this other girl has just started, and I see her glancing over to me several times a day.

It‘s a shame that the other girl left as we were getting on so well, but this girl seems even better.

I think that I am having quite an effect on her, as I overheard her telling another girl how she was overcome by me.

You know, I have been working out in the gym recently, and I overheard her telling her friend how strong I was.

I think that I have been pussy-footing a bit too much in the past.

I‘m thinking of moving in for the kill now. What do you say?

Contractor Answer 10

You have been writing to me for a year now, from four different work locations about six different girls.

Can‘t you see the writing on the wall?

Can‘t you take a hint?

Yes, you have been pussy-footing too much.

So, go for it now with all your heart and all your soul.

He who hesitates is lost. Remember, I am always here to help.

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