Jealous Promotion Rivals – My promotion is causing big trouble

Jealous Promotion Rivals
Jealous Promotion Rivals

Jealous Promotion Rivals

This reader is a victim of jealous promotion rivals after her elevation. Here’s the story.

I‘ve recently been promoted from inside my team, and I now run it.

My problem is that some of the other members of the team had considered themselves more senior than me. They would have expected to have got the job ahead of me. How should I handle the situation?

Dr McLaughlin’s Answer

This is always a very tricky situation. I think that the first thing that you should do is to talk to them individually. Say that you understand their situation, but that you hope that they won‘t blame you for it.

Tell them, also, that you will need their expertise and advice in the coming days. Say you hope you can rely on them.

You will want to be your own person. However, it would be wise to act sometimes on individual or collegiate advice from your team.

Gradually, over time, they will come to accept you as the boss. So it is wise not to push it too much in the beginning until they gradually get used to the idea.

There will be times, though, when some people will flagrantly disregard your instructions and disrespect you and your position. They challenge you openly in front of their peers.

Management Backing

You have all the advantages here, as both your management and the rules of the company will be behind you.

There‘s no need to panic. Just explain the situation in a firm but non-combative manner.

They‘ll, normally, quickly work out that your stick is bigger than theirs, without you having to take it from out of your pocket.

If they continue to challenge you, then you simply speak to senior management and say that you have someone who refuses to co-operate.

Team Will Get Behind You

You hold all the cards, so just play them one by one, instead of hurling them across the table.

The great majority of people will get behind you, some straight away, and some at a later date.

There will always be one or two who will always hold it against you, and who will never come with you.

They have to go.

Don’t let jealous promotion rivals derail you.

The job is hard enough as it is. If you‘re pushing a boulder uphill, you want the others pushing with you.

You can‘t have your own people on the other side pushing hard against you.

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