Contractors Dilemma – I found some dodgy stuff on boss’s laptop

Contractors Dilemma
Contractors Dilemma

Contractors Dilemma

This contractors dilemma is about what he should do about finding some stuff on his boss.s laptop. Here’s his question.

I borrowed my bosses laptop a couple of weeks ago to do a presentation to some of our customers (I only have a humble desktop).

While I was setting things up I noticed there were a number of files with suspect sounding names on his laptop (e.g. bustylinda.jpg goingalltheway.mpg and a few much worse).

We have a very strict internet policy at work and it is an instantly sackable offence to download any sort of suspect material.

I don’t really trust him and he isn’t that effective. What should I do?

Dr McLaughlin’s Answer

His future is in your hands. He broke the rules of the company. If you told on him he may well get the sack.

There is also the possibility that he may not get the sack,. He may be too useful to sack. That would be a fine thing for you wouldn’t it?

I definitely wouldn’t let him know that you know about it.

If you think that this will give you a hold over him you are much making a mistake. He will quietly disappear you at some future date, without you realising that it was he who did it.

I think the best thing to do would be to ignore it completely. If he screws you up at some future date, you may want to reassess.

Keep This Information to Yourself

You will find it almost impossible to keep this information to yourself. You may have already told some people at work.

Rest assured that this will spread like wildfire and that someone will tell him about it, either because they are sympathetic, or because they want to curry favour with him (or even to get you into trouble).

This is even more dangerous for you, as he will be able to get rid of you, without you even knowing that he knew that you spread it about.

No option, except complete silence is good for you, and I suspect that it is already too late for complete silence. Am I right?

Reader’s Question

I’m afraid it is too late, I have told some people. One of them is a lady I work with who has very strict moral standards.

She is busy hatching a plan to borrow his laptop, “stumble” across the pictures, and then play merry hell. I doubt she will actually go through with it though.

I’m no prude and have to admit to stumbling across the odd dodgy website in my time. What really irks me is the un-professionalism of the guy; firstly to do it at work and then not covering his tracks.

I am very careful about what websites I look at, at work, i.e. just news, hotmail and work related sites as absolutely everything is monitored.

I think I’m going to keep quiet about it now. Sooner or later this guy is going to get found it (but then again he probably won’t).

Dr McLaughlin’s Reply to Contractors Dilemma

I thought you might have told someone. Soon, everybody at work will know about it, including your boss, as someone is sure to tell him too.

You will then be in great danger of ‘being transferred to the Eastern front’.

I hate to say this, but it might be an idea now, if this girl would go ahead and expose him, and take the heat away from you.

Anything that you can do to facilitate this should be done. That’s what McIavelly would do.

I‘ve got a feeling that, for some reason that you haven‘t told me, you want him to be found out anyway.

If the company still wants to keep him, that’s up to them.

What do other readers think of this contractors dilemma? What would you do?

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