Lunchtime Drinking – Is it OK to drink at lunchtime?

Lunchtime Drinking
Lunchtime Drinking

Lunchtime Drinking

We received this question on lunchtime drinking from a reader. Dr McLaughlin replies to it.

Is it OK to drink at lunchtime?

Dr. McLaughlin‘s Answer

It depends who you‘re drinking with.

If you are lunchtime drinking with your boss, it‘s fine – even advisable. If you‘re drinking with your boss‘s boss – even better.

It‘s always OK to go to the pub at leaving do‘s.

It‘s not bad to go to the pub on Friday lunchtimes, especially if there‘s a tradition at your work of everybody doing it. In some places, moreover, lunchtime drinking on a Friday is a tradition.

Office Boozer

However, if you go every day, and you go by yourself, though, everybody will call you a boozer if you‘re lucky, and an alky if your not. This is especially true of you take a bit more than your hour for lunch.

You‘ll think that nobody notices, but they do, and they‘ll talk about you. You‘ll be over friendly in the afternoon and will go and talk to a few people in the office, and they‘ll smell your boozy breath.

You will be known, moreover, as the office boozer for your lunchtime drinking.

If you are by nature gregarious, and either Scottish, Irish or Australian, they‘ll think that you are a bit of a character, otherwise they‘ll think that you are a loser.

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