Contractor Misjudgement – I tried to expose my managers as being gay

Contractor Misjudgement
Contractor Misjudgement

Contractor Misjudgement

Here’s a tale of a massive contractor misjudgement. Let him tell you himself.

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Paul – I was absolutely convinced that two of my managers, at a Japanese car company in West London, were having a gay affair.

At lunchtimes, and when they worked late in the evening or at weekends, they disappeared together into a small room that we have here, that used to be the nurses room.

It has a bed in it.

I was absolutely convinced of it – so much so that I gathered a bunch of my fellow workers outside the door. I then opened the door with so much speed and force that it slammed against the wall.

Project Manager and Development Manager

And there they were – the Project Manager and the Development Manager – playing chess.

They looked stunned.

I didn‘t know what to say, so I just said ‘Hi’ and closed the door. That was a week ago, and there has been no mention of it since. However, my contract comes up for renewal in a few weeks time, and I‘m starting to worry about it.

Should I speak to my managers about it, and try to make up some story about why I opened the door? What should I do?

Dr McLaughlin’s IT Contractor Surgery

This was a huge contractor misjudgement.

The managers know why you opened the door, and why the crowd were there at the door. And they haven‘t forgotten about it.

So start looking for another contract – and when you do get one, just do the work and don‘t try to ‘expose‘ the management.

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