IT Contractors are more honest, happy, trusting and generous than others



According to a new survey IT Contractors are incredibly generous.

When asked what they would do if they won a load of money in the lottery 37% of IT Contractors said they would give half to charity compared to 21% of all contractors.

They wouldn‘t even pack in work.

Only 1-in-6 (17%) said they would pack in work if they won the lottery, whereas 40% said they would continue to work – and they say IT Contractors are money orientated.


They are also the most trusting of people as well believing that other people have good intentions.

Maybe that‘s why they get such a culture shock when they come into contact with dodgy agents.

When IT Contractors were asked if they had ever misled others an astonishing 89% said No.

Indeed they were very offended by the question and almost shouted back the answer.


IT Contractors were also happier with their lot than most.

82% of them said that the greater sense of freedom led to higher feelings of contentment. They had this theme of ‘we love what we are doing’.

Aren‘t we just wonderful?

Here are some survey results.

Survey: IT contractors love life, work and freedom
‘¢ 86% said they enjoyed the “sense of freedom” (36% of contractors overall)
‘¢ 65% enjoyed “flexible hours”
‘¢ 42% said variety of work” played a major role
‘¢ 63% said the “potential to work shorter hours” was not influential (14% said it was)
‘¢ 70% said “difficulty in finding permanent work” played no role (17% said it did)
‘¢ 24% said they became a contractor because they couldn’t find full-time employment
‘¢ 84% reported higher pay was a factor in becoming a contractor.

Which animal are you? Characteristics needed to survive:
‘¢ Chameleon (68%) Flexible, quick and readily adaptable to change
‘¢ Tiger (28%) Powerful, energetic and on the lookout for new opportunities
‘¢ Dog (35%) Hardworking, passionate, friendly and loyal
‘¢ Peacock (25%) Recognised and admired, high profile

How did IT contractors fare during the recession?
‘¢ 32% took less pay (23% overall)
‘¢ 7% cut their benefits (similar overall)
‘¢ 13% cut their hours (8% overall)
‘¢ 43% adjusted expectations (similar overall)
‘¢ 20% endured more competition for contracts (26% overall)
‘¢ 13% took on more work for the same money