IT Contractor Steven Donoghue turns Bin Man and flourishes

IT Contractor Turns Bin Man
IT Contractor Turns Bin Man and succeeds

IT Contractor Turns Bin Man

Bin man, Steven Donoghue, who used to be an IT Contractor, has set up a waste disposal business which is thriving due to the reductions in collections by local authorities in the Greater Manchester area.

His firm Emptymybins is going after households and small businesses who are fed up and want their bins emptied more often.

He has put up £25,000 of his contractor money to buy a load of ex-Council bin vans and hundreds of wheelie bins.

Major Rubbish Collection Firms

He is targeting what he believes to be a gap in the market between the guy with the van and the major rubbish collection firms.

Contractors who make money
Contractors who make money and those who don’t

In just the first week he has landed contracts from companies in the hotel, car homes and retail areas.

People can buy the wheelies and pre-paid bin bags and just call him up to come and take them away which is pretty good.

Sometimes you‘ve got too much rubbish and the bin won‘t close and it is still a few days away from the local authority collection.

Recycles Bottles

It separates the waste and recycles bottles, paper etc. and the rest is processed into briquettes which are sold as fuel and so everything is recycled and none sent to landfill sites.

Said Steven “Why have six bins causing an eyesore outside your home or business? Why not just have two and have them emptied more often?”

Well, that‘s novel.

As they say ‘where there‘s much there‘s brass’.

Congratulations to Ex-IT Contractor

It‘s good to see an ex-IT Contractor doing well.

Lots of Money
Lots of Money for Ex IT Contractor

Did any readers here work with him on any contracts?

If any of you live in the Manchester / Stockport area you have the name of the firm and you can call a fellow IT Contractor to come along and take your rubbish away.

And congratulate him in getting out of contracting successfully when becoming a bin man.

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