IT Contractor. Sixteen Powerful Reasons Why I Left the UK, Including IR35

Left the UK
Left the UK

Left the UK

The reasons why I left the UK and moved to Spain: –

1. The hassle with IR35 . My accountant had fought HMRC (he is an ex tax Inspector and I was cringing at some of the letters). We won, but for 18 months it was an unnecessary worry.

2. The fact that Immigrants could complete their own visa paperwork and just waltz into the UK whilst our people are out of work makes me sick.

3. The fact that the government doesn’t seem to like people like me making money. Yet we pay huge amounts of tax, then they want more tax and more NI!

They go after easy pickings like us rather than chase those paying little or no tax at all. It’s the easy option.

Travelling Motorists Easy Target

4. The fact that crime is going up and they don’t seems to do anything about it. Yet the police pick on easy targets like the traveling motorist. I had my car broken into several times and they are not interested. They also spend huge sums, huge amounts on cameras and huge amounts of manpower booking motorists but not chasing real criminals, robbers, burglars, muggers, rapists, drug dealers etc. What sort of society has the UK become? The easy option again!

5. The road infrastructure is terrible and to try to get anywhere in the UK is a nightmare. It takes twice or three times longer than it should.

6. The road infrastructure in London is appalling. It’s grid locked and so creates more fumes, making the environment noisy and terrible. I’m glad I left the UK.

Getting Traffic Moving

7. Paris and Valencia use their rivers to get traffic moving – one side for one
way and the other for the opposite flow. Valencia uses two rivers – the new diverted river and the old river bed). London could take a leaf out of that system that seems to work very well, but chooses not to!

8. They put up Taxi Fares for late night pick-ups and so discourages people using taxis. The fares went up 33% to where I lived, the night we came back from Spain. I couldn’t believe it.

This either stops people going out now, or drives more people to the illicit taxi drivers that are not insured – what stupid logic is this?

London’s Tube System

9. The Tubes in London don’t function due to lack of investment. They get stuck frequently in tunnels and last year one did so when the heat down there was 90 degrees. I arrived at work absolutely wet through and that’s not a pleasant way to start the day – others fainted.

10. When the tubes and trains are on strike we had to get to work as best we could and that involved a lot of walking. Some never got into work – another reason I left the UK.

11. My health was suffering – three bouts of Bronchitis in less than a year. I am a fit person (swim 2 miles a week) and told the doctor how I ran up and down the tube escalators to get fitter.

So she asked which tube lines – I said mainly Victoria and Central. She said there was not enough fresh air in those tube lines to sustain the normal commuters, let alone me running up and down to keep fit and that I should stop it! another good reason why I left the UK.

Railways Don’t Run on Time

12. The times I have tried the railways has also resulted in disaster, as they rarely run on time and the last time I barely made it to a funeral in Leeds and had to complete the journey in a Taxi as the train ended up in the wrong place. My relations were waiting for me in their car at the original place!

13. The railways also suffer from a lack of investment on the tracks that has proved dangerous and costly for those using the trains. I believe all this was due to the English way of doing things by forming a rather large committee with a retired army officer at it’s head after the war.

Contrast that to France that I am told appointed one Engineer with a free hand
to get on with it. Did Britain lose the plot or what!

Lower Pay and Staff Cuts

14. UK firms want more and more “Blood” out of everyone – lower pay or cut staff, so the rest have to double their effort, is the way colleagues tell me it’s going now in many places. There is a limit to how long that can go on.

15. The Contract market seemed “shot at” at the time and firms were deliberately targeting contractors to reduce their pay or go permanent. Those that look for permanent are not believed as the firms think they will go back contracting as soon as the market picks up. A contractor can’t win these days, so I had a lucky escape when I left the UK

16. I now see that the Government are bringing more stupid laws out regarding
Agencies – more meddling and for what?

Those are the reasons I left the UK and why I am not coming back.

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