IT Contractor gets his revenge on Team Manager who sacked him

Revenge on Team Manager
Revenge on Team Manager who sacked me

Revenge on Team Manager

A reader got his revenge on Team Manager and posted it as comments.

Payroll Changes to System

I was contracted to make some payroll changes and took over the development from the team leader ‘who was too busy to finish the changes!’.

The permie team leader had a bug in his work and had put a trace on the report, the idea being that each report line could be identified by the various sub-routines, except that it had a bug in it as well.

Terminated by my Client early
Terminated by my Client after just 4 days

I guess, however, a fresh pair of eyes saw the errors straight away and in talking to the team leader he was embarrassed.

So, the next thing I know he’s complaining about me to the DPM.

I got a phone call, moreover, from the agent saying that there was a personality clash and I would have to leave immediately. I was stunned!

Three Years After

Three years later I was working for a Government quango.

They often used Contractors on panel interviews to ask technical questions.

I was due to interview six candidates when who should be the first interviewee – the permie team leader that I’d met before.

I did the right thing and said that I knew the candidate and that I couldn’t interview him.

So they found a colleague to replace me on the interview panel.

Contract Terminated Early
Contract Terminated Early by agency

Contract Interview

When they completed all of the interviews, they summoned me back to the panel and asked about the candidate that I knew.

So, I explained what happened and they binned his application with the HR representative saying we don’t want that type working here!

What goes around comes around.

So, that’s how I got my revenge on Team Manager.

IT Contractor Comment

I bet you must have enjoyed that.

I would have stayed for the interview just to see his face.

What you say is true.

What goes around sometimes does come around.

If anyone else has any instances of something similar, post it in the Comments section below.

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