IT Contractor and Recruiter tried to put one over on me

IT Contractor and Recruiter
IT Contractor and Recruiter

IT Contractor and Recruiter

A reader, TheCapt, posted IT Contractor and Recruiter after an article of ours.

I am a consultant myself, currently employed as a programme manager.

One of the company suppliers (agent) who was hoping to place a consultant, went through another company he has, to the guy who was selected for the job I had, convincing him the market rate for his position was much higher and he could get him a job at higher rate very easily.

Consultant Didn’t Show Up

The (stupid) consultant failed to show up at the start date. He had already signed the contract. Then he asked for a 250 euros per day raise. He wanted a better contract rate than he agreed.

I, of course, did not agree to that and I also withdrew the offer.

So, the consultant is still out of work at the moment after 4 months. He resigned his previous job after accepting my original offer.

Agent Off the List

Also, the agent is out of my list for the current project and for all projects I will ever manage. The IT Contractor and Recruiter tried to screw me. I will not put up with that.

Mind you, these “horror stories” are not fictional and agents of this kind are really out there trying to get you. This was a real filthy trick they tried to spring on me.


IT Contractor Comment

This contractor should not have let the recruiter manipulate him into doing this.

Once he signs the contract he should keep to it.

He is giving contractors a bad name.

This sounds as if it is his first ever contract.

What a way to start.

Of course, there is no point in my saying that agencies need to act better.

We all know that is advice falling on deaf ears.