Contractor Success Stories – IT Contracting made me rich

Double Our Money - Contractor Success Stories
Double Our Money - Contractor Success Stories

Contractor Success Stories by FrankieBabe

There are some contractor success stories and we are pleased to give you one here. Here is a story of how an ordinary contractors made himself rich from contracting.

We had an article a while back which said that contracting would not make you rich. A reader begs to differ, and said so in the Article Comments section.

Contractor Success Stories – I’m Rich

I started contracting in 1998.

I have a house that is worth about £750k, no mortgage, ample pension, plenty of money in the bank.

During the last 20 odd years I have had several holidays a year, including destinations all round the world.

Contractor Never Had to Work Away From Home

I hardly ever had to work away from home, I worked about the same hours as permies, maybe a bit more, but got paid for every minute!

I know I have been lucky, as well as using certain skills to make myself saleable and to find work.

Perhaps the Subject article will be true in the future but I don’t think it true of the past.

I have not regretted going contract, but you need to be sure it is the best thing for you.

IT Contractor Comment

Well, that shows you that there are contractor success stories. Other contractors should follow his example.

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