IT Consultant batters wife to death



Maurice Pearson was a senior manager at BBI. He was 56 years of age. When he was 50 he received redundancy of £80,000.

He then decided to day trade the Stock Market on the back of his redundancy money.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

However, it wasn‘t a good period for the Stock Market and he lost most of his money.

Not only that but he also took out a loan and used credit cards to cover it up.

Wife Enquires

Unfortunately he didn‘t tell his wife about his day trading activities – almost certainly because she wouldn‘t have approved.

However, she started querying statements and payments.

On the morning of her death Mrs. Pearson, a teacher, called the Portman building society about an £800 withdrawal.

She had a furious row with her husband about it. Her husband panicked and murdered her. He then went out to stores that he knew had CCTV cameras and even bought a PC World to cover his tracks.

He then called the police to say that an intruder had murdered his wife.

It didn‘t take very long for the police to work out who the real murderer was.


Linda Mole at the Portman building society gave evidence to say that she had had a query about the £800 pounds from Mrs. Pearson. She called back half an hour later and was not able to get through.

It was during this time that Mrs. Pearson was murdered.

The couple had just come back from Hong Kong after celebrating their Silver Wedding anniversary.

They have two children.

NamesFacesPlaces Comment

I know for a fact that there are IT contractors and ex-contractors out there day trading on the Stock Market, some with success. Most of the ones I know are single.

However, I hope that there are no more out there who have partners and are day trading without telling them.

It could all end up very badly as happened here.

Maurice Pearson has been given a life sentence.