Dodgy Recruiters – IT Agencies are all bluster

Dodgy Recruiters
Dodgy Recruiters

Dodgy Recruiters

A reader sent this article to us about dodgy recruiters and why they are all bluster.

I knew of a colleague who decided it was time to go. So he didn’t renew his contract, much to the regret of the company and all concerned. He set off for his new contract in Zurich.

On arrival it rapidly became apparent that:

1. They advertised the work very differently from the actual. It was not the latest technology and a new development project, but a legacy maintenance job on a bag of nails environment.

2. The “flat” they promised was just above a chip shop.

Packed His Bags

So after a day, he informed the client that he would not be coming back, packed his bags and headed for the Airport.

On arrival, he received the “call” from his agent.

After a stream of abuse and a sign-off of “you’ll never work again in this industry” and I will sue you and all things you could imagine, the agent rang-off.

Well, his previous company was happy to have him back and. basically after that experience, he was kind of appreciative of the environment he was working in, so things worked out ok.

The agency really didn’t have a case, so he didn’t hear anymore from them.

Dodgy Recruiters – Agency Rang Contractor

Now here it comes. You know what’s next.

The agent rang him up three months later to ask him when he would be available as he had some contracts that may be of interested.

Moral of the Story: You will be in this business a long time after the goldfish agent has moved on.

However, there are still far too many dodgy recruiters in this business.

They bring down the names of all recruiters, including good recruiters, getting them all tarred under the same barrow boy umbrella.

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