IT Contractor Has Contract Terminated 7 Weeks After Leaving Permanent Job

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Contractor Has Contract Terminated

After quitting a permanent job, and only 7 weeks after starting, this IT Contractor has contract terminated. Here is his story.

I can relate to the guy who had his contract terminated with no notice. I had been working in contracting for 10 years and then took a move to the Dark Side.

After 12 years as a permie I was sick to the back teeth of all the corporate nonsense and made the decision to leave and go back in to contracting. I received a very good offer while I was on holiday in the West Country and had to but a suit, etc in order to attend an interview in Central London.

Contractor Offered a Year’s Contract

Needless to say I was offered the job which was a year’s contract at a very good rate. Now the agency knew I was in permanent employment as did the client and they were happy for me to come onboard once I had tidied up that side.

I quit my permie job, took all my holiday in lieu of notice and started the job as soon as was physically possible. All good so far.

Client Cancelled the Project

The bad part was the client pulling the project seven weeks after I started.

So it transpired that the client had no faith in the company (Dimension Data) and they had no qualms about pulling me out of my job and stitching me up knowing the contract was going to be terminated.

I received NO notice and NO pay in lieu of this. I did get a drink but that was the sum total of my consideration. I was fortunate in that I was back in work within 2 months but a little aggrieved as you can imagine.

IT Contractor has contract terminated – has this ever happened to you suddenly like this?

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