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Great Contractor Agency
Great Contractor Agency

Great Contractor Agency

A readers sent us this article, about a great contractor agency. It’s nice when we can give a recruitment company some praise.

After working for CSI my partner worked for Lorien. They were impressive.

It surprised us to get treatment in such a courteous manner.

Not only did they pay on time, they paid before we invoiced!

End of Contract

They were always pleasant and helpful on the phone and at the end of the contract we got a note to say it had been a pleasure and they would like to work with us again in the future.

I appreciate it was a probably a standard letter that they issue to all the contractors that go through them. However, it made a nice change to be treated like this and not finish a contract feeling like you are scorned like a leech and feel like your agent bled your labour for all it was worth to them.

Thank You Lorien

I’m sure like all agents they have their share, but Lorien, Thank You for not making us feel like many other agents have, I would recommend you to anyone!

Hope you have a thriving year!

And no, I don’t work for Lorien, if anyone is wondering. I just appreciate courtesy, it cost little to nothing after all.

They are one great contractor agency and I would recommend them to anyone.

I’ve criticised agencies before so it is only right that I have some praise when I come across a good one.

IT Contractor Note

Lorien are one of the agencies who have passed our Financial Health Check on our Contract Search page.

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