I keep getting this recurring IT Contracting nightmare

Contracting Nightmare
Contracting Nightmare - no work, no money and bills to pay

Contracting Nightmare

I get this recurrent contracting nightmare.

I spent more than twenty years as an IT Contractor but nowadays I write articles for ITContractor.com on the IT Contracting market.

However, I had a nightmare last night that I‘ve had quite a few times before.

IT Contracting nightmare
An IT Contracting Nightmare

I‘m basically pretty desperate in my nightmare as I have a house, family etc, but have been out of work for a few months and have only two or three weeks money left with no contracts on the horizon.

Cold Sweat

My mind goes over all the possibilities and what will happen to me with no answer coming.

I wake up in a sweat and a few seconds later I am delighted to have remembered that I don‘t contract any more and have a recurring income coming in from advertisers.

I get this nightmare every so often.

Bad Situations

Like quite a few   I have been in bad situations in the past when there have been severe downturns and I am out of work.

You only have to look at the Unemployed IT Stories in our Job market section to see the harrowing tales of what some contractors went through in the downturn of 2001/2.

New contractors haven‘t been through this yet as the 2008 downturn was relatively shallow.

Also, client companies have been holding onto their contractors in this downturn and the 2008 downturn and cutting rates across the board instead.

One doesn‘t know what will happen if the downturn gets deeper.

Meaning of Contractor Nightmare

I wonder if my nightmare means anything.

Maybe it is like someone who has had shell shock or had bad experiences in the war.

They keep getting recurring nightmares about it.

Unemployed IT Contractor
Unemployed IT Contractor – the trials and tribulations

Maybe for the generation of contractors who were out of work in the downturns in the early nineties and early noughties this is their equivalent.

Older Generation of Contractors

Maybe there is a generation of older contractors who get post-traumatic stress syndrome or shell shock and are condemned to having these recurring nightmares.

They can be quite frightening and it is always a great relief to wake up and find out that everything is fine.

Perhaps the new generation of contractors are about to suffer what we suffered in the past.

Let‘s hope not.

Do any other contractors get these contracting nightmares?

Perhaps we could form a self help group.

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