I have continued working for my client even though my contract has run out

contract has run out
contract has run out but they still keep paying me

Contract Has Run Out

We received this from a reader whose contract has run out.


I had an original six month contract with my client.

After the six months were up I received an email from the Project Manager saying that I could continue working for them on the same basis as the contract for another three months.

However, that ran out a month ago but I have continued to turn up and work and they haven‘t said anything.

I am about to put in my first monthly invoice since the contract has ran out.

They continue to give me work to do.

What is my legal status if they simply don‘t pay me?

Dr McLaughlin’s IT Contractor Surgery

The fact that they didn’t send you home when you turned up for work without a contract means that there is an implied contract and it is under the terms of the previous contract and email.

It‘s the same as if you didn‘t sign a contract with them but turned up for work.

You would be implicitly agreeing to the terms of the contract.

Contract Renewal Time
Contract Renewal Time for contractors

Ask for Renewal

What I don‘t understand is why you didn‘t ask them about a renewal.

Were you afraid that they wouldn‘t give you one?

It‘s about time you ask for one.

I would wait till you put in your current invoice and got the payment for it.

Tell Them about IT Contract

I would then tell them, especially when you‘re half way through an important piece of work, that you hadn‘t realised that your contract had run out, that you had thought that the email you had been sent was an ongoing one but on studying it again you saw it was for 3 months only.

You could continue as you are indefinitely but it will always be a worry to you – and you won‘t be able to ask for a rise on a non-existent contract.

Contractors Getting Renewed
Contractors Getting Renewed by clients

It‘s up to you.

Contract Benefits

I can see the benefits of just turning up every day if they continue to pay you.

There‘s always the possibility that you are continuing to get work from your immediate bosses without the higher up bosses realising it.

However, I wouldn‘t like to live like that, constantly wondering if they will find you out.

The likelihood is that they will still want you and it was just an oversight.

Last time you asked they sent you an email confirming the contract for another three months so I don‘t think there will be a problem when you ask them again, even if your contract has run out, if you are continuing to get work given to you.

What do other readers think?

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