Own Equipment – I have been told I need to use all my own

Own Equipment
Own Equipment

Own Equipment

James sent us this query. The client told him he has to use all his own equipment.

I got a contract recently at a reasonable rate and looked forward to starting it.

However, on the first day the client told me that I had to use all my own equipment as I was a contractor.

Not only does this include my PC but also even stationery.

That‘s unbelievable.

Have you seen this before Dr McLaughlin?

Dr McLaughlin‘s IT Surgery

I must say this is a first for me.

But why argue.

As this is a contractor‘s only rule it is a pointer to you being outside IR35 and a major one too.

If you have to provide all your own equipment you are obviously not a disguised employee.

You say that you are happy with the rate so they are not skimping there.

You can claim the equipment against tax too.

Puts Contractor Outside IR35

It seems that this is a bonus for you.

They didn‘t say how this rule came about but it is possible that previous contractors may even have asked for it to put them outside IR35.

Whatever it was take advantage of it.

You will now have a factor in your favour which puts you outside IR35 even if you weren’t before.

Even if you had declared yourself outside IR35 you can sleep more soundly in your bed now.

There’s no need now to worry too much about an IR35 ax investigation.

Using your own equipment will help prevent that.

Good luck!