No Promotion – I have been passed over for promotion

No Promotion at Work
No Promotion at Work

No Promotion at Work

Jenny sent this article, on no promotion for her.

I read your recent article about ‘Discrimination in the WorkPlace‘. It rings a bell.

I‘m a Project Manager at a major bank in the city. I have run several projects successfully and have received glowing recommendations from the business users for them.

However there seems to be some sort of glass ceiling here.

Several of my male colleagues got promotion recently. Many of them have not had the same success that I‘ve had. What should I do about this?

Dr. McLaughlin’s IT Surgery

You have two options. You can either leave or confront it.

It would make sense anyway to start applying for more senior positions at other companies. Most people get their promotions from going elsewhere. It‘s always wise to be on the lookout for other jobs. You never know when a really great one will come up.

The second option is to confront.

Many senior managers don‘t believe that they are sexist in their promotions – they just happen to promote all men.

Having a Baby

Once upon a time, when I ran an IT department of 80, I made several promotions (all male) at a time when one of the obvious female candidates was off having a baby.

When she came back she asked to have a word with me.

She said that she hoped that the work that she did was appreciated, and that she hoped that being off having a baby hadn‘t affected her chance of promotion.

I assured her that this wasn‘t the case (even though it was true), and that she would be next in line when a promotion came up. It did a couple of months later.

Most managers don‘t want to think of themselves as sexist, or want to be thought of as sexist by their workforce, and any suggestion that they might be, will probably get you a fair chance of promotion.

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