Great Contract Abroad – I have been offered a great contract in Iran

Great Contract Abroad
Great Contract Abroad

Great Contract Abroad in Iran

This is from Trevor who has had the offer of a great contract abroad. He asks our advice.

I‘ve had the offer of a great contract in Iran. It‘s 850 quid a day for being a Methods consultant. They want me to get them to Level 2 of the Capability Maturity Model.

I could do it with my eyes shut.

This is much more than I‘ve earned before as I‘ve been in permanent roles to date. My only worry is if trouble breaks out there. I can‘t afford to turn this down can I?

It‘s a year‘s contract so I‘ll make over 200 grand from my time there.

Dr. McLaughlin’s Advice on Great Contract Abroad

Aren‘t they one of the countries that are building a nuclear reactor? There is an agreement but the US Republicans, including Donald Trump, are not happy with it.

It doesn‘t really matter if you agree with him or not. Let‘s imagine a picture where you are in the middle of Teheran and American cruise missiles have obliterated some of the buildings around you, killing many people.

How would you feel about going into work the next day and saying good morning to your Iranian colleagues? The chances are that the Iranian mob will be looking for anyone with a Western accent.

Picture a scene where you are holed up in the room of your hotel while the local police are trying to stop a rampaging mob in the lobby downstairs. Picture yourself looking out the window at a mob baying for the blood of Westerners.

How does the 200 grand sound now?

Hotel Room

It‘s purely up to you, but make sure that you get a hotel room, several floors above the ground floor. But don’t make it so high that you can‘t get out if they set it alight. If you go, keep us posted. ITContractor has never had a war correspondent before. We could metamorphose into the CNN of IT.

It may sound like a great contract abroad – but it could turn out to be an awful one.

Editor‘s Note:- In case this is read in Teheran, the views of Dr. McLaughlin are his own, and don‘t necessarily represent the views of

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