Government IT Contracts – I can no longer get them

Direct Contracts advice
Direct Contracts advice

Government IT Contracts

A reader explains that it is now much harder to get Government IT contracts. It is a Catch-22 situation.

An IT Contractor sent us this.

Hello all!

This is no joke

I am one of 1000’s of IT contractors that have had security clearance of one form or another in order to work for government departments and agencies.

I spent many years working for Government agencies and departments via large IT Service providers but my security clearance has since lapsed.

It is now much more difficult to get Government IT contracts.

Turned Down for Roles Because of Security Clearance

I am getting turned down for roles that I could easily do because I am no longer cleared.

But at the moment individuals can not clear themselves, in this time of current climate condition the PM should allow individuals to pay and get themselves security clearance in order to obtain a new role thus giving government departments a much better choice of skilled candidates.

This makes it a lot more difficult to get Government IT contracts.

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