Backstabbing Permies | I’m sick to death of them says Contractor

Back stabbing permanent employees
Contractor tired of Back stabbing permanent employees

Backstabbing Permies is by reader Kiwi Chick.

Backstabbing Permies

I have been the victim of backstabbing permies who were consumed with jealousy over
a) my ability and skills, and
b) my remuneration.

I am sick to death of backstabbing permies sitting in their cushy little jobs, doing nothing all day except complaining about IT contractors and doing everything they can to discredit them.

Reasons for Higher Pay

As far as the money goes, IT contractors are paid a higher face value wage because they do not have the stability of permanent work nor the enormous perks that go along with it.

Permies get stable jobs, free training, benefits such as pensions, company cars, health policies, gyms etc, paid holidays and sick pay, and a low tax rate.

A contractor has to provide all of these things for him/herself and also has to pay twice the amount of tax.

So when you look at the bigger picture, and take all of these things into account, it probably averages out to be roughly the same in the end.

Backstabbing Permies – ITContractor Comment

The stupidity of some permies has always astonished me. They pay vast sums of money (as they see) to IT Contractors – and then spend much of their time de-motivating them.

Surely, the last thing you would want to do if you are splashing out loads of money is to de-motivate the person earning it.

That is surely counterproductive. However, that is what many backstabbing permies do – even those who hired the IT contractors in the first place.

I’ve seen this happen lots of times in lots of places. In fact, it is almost de riguer.

At places where they are used to hiring IT Contractors it is not so much of a problem. It is in places where they are less used to IT Contractors that the problem mainly happens.

I remember going to one place where I was told, on the first day, that I was the first IT Contractor they had ever hired.

They expected me to be the guru of all gurus “on the money you’re on”.

So, it was impossible to live up to this.

However, it didn’t stop backstabbing permies constantly sniping all the time. Therefore, I served my three months there and went.

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