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horrible contract
horrible contract

Horrible Contract

A reader posted this, about a Horrible Contract, as comments after one of our articles.

I’ve learned from situations like this to ask questions in the interview about the previous team, and to insist on talking to the current IT people.

If, for any reason, I cannot speak to people on the team, I will not take the position regardless of the pay.

I’ve actually asked an executive to get me a coffee so I could quiz a secretary.

He blanched, and did it.

I didn’t want the job after two sentences, but I kept her going a while so I could think of an excuse that would not get her into trouble.

I commended her for raving about the company, which is far from what she had to say.

They were also Christians, sorry guys.

Not many Christians are very much like Christ, in the workplace unfortunately.

Work for US Government

After two terms at MSFT I now work for the US Government.

Trust me, I have no problems asking questions of the interviewers, getting answers, and turning down jobs if the answers are not good.

One lady was particularly nasty so when I finally got a turn to speak I asked her team “What is a quasar?”

None of them knew.

I said, “I can’t accept a position in a tech company where people are ignorant of basic science.”

I got up and left the interview.

Sometimes you’ll kick yourselves for passing on a job. However, do it when you feel you might regret the damage it’ll do to your resume.

There’s no point in continuing with a horrible contract.

Life is too short to waste on people and contracts like this.

The interview is the best time to quit.

By the time you start it is too late.