How to Prepare Properly for an Interview to Find Work

Prepare Properly for an Interview
Prepare Properly for an Interview for a contract job

Prepare Properly for an Interview.

You must prepare properly for each interview.

It is very important to prepare well for each interview that you go to.

There may well be multiple candidates for a job or contract so preparation prior to the interview will give those that do an advantage over those that don‘t.

Some people just turn up for an interview hoping that their knowledge, experience and charm will do it for them.

successful interviews
Good interviews

Others prepare properly as they want any advantage they can get over the other candidates.

There are several preparations

Home in on the skills that they want.

Find out from the agent or the company exactly what skills will be needed to do the job.

Even if you regularly use those skills, interviewers have a habit of asking questions on areas of that skill that are seldom used.

People are usually at their peak in terms of being able to answer questions on a skill just after they have completed a course as the course covers everything.

Those with experience in the skill often lose out because they usually only use a subset of the skill and may have forgotten what they learned on the course that they haven‘t used.

However, interviewers often like to catch people out to show how clever they are.

successful interviews for contractors
Successful Interviews for contractors

It would be best to find some tests for the skills online and take a few of them before attending the interview.

Home in on the Experience They Want

Find out beforehand what experience that the company and interviewing manager are looking for.

They obviously decided beforehand, if they invited you to interview, that you have the experience that they want.

However, no two companies are the same even if they are in the same area.

They will probably want a subset of the experience that you already have.

Find exactly what they are looking for beforehand either through your agency or directly with the company before attending the interview.

Once you know that, look over old notes or have a good think about where and when you used that experience.

Zoom in on that and try to remember as much as you can.

Find out about the company

One of the questions often asked at interview is ‘Have you heard of us?’ or ‘Do you know what we do?’

Anyone answering No to either of those hasn‘t done their homework and this will be obvious to the interviewer.

Interviewer Feel Positive
How to make the Interviewer Feel Positive

It‘s very easy to look up the company‘s website and find out this information.

Any achievements by the company or successes or awards should be brought up at interview.

‘I see you won the prestigious Oscar Bravo award’ will get you kudos as well as ‘I see you are the top selling company in Sector X’.

Make sure that any information that you find out about the company is brought into play at the interview.

Find Out About the People Interviewing You

This is not always possible but anything that you can find out about the people interviewing you and their interests will be useful.

The agent putting you forward for interview may know the person or people personally and may have a relationship with them.

He or she may have taken them out to lunch and may be in regular touch with them.

Find out what kind of people the interviewers are.

Find out what they are interested in.

You may have a common hobby.

People tend to hire people they like or who have a common interest.

Make the interviewer feel positive towards you.

At the very least it will give you an opportunity to have something to talk about at the interview, a way to connect.

Ask Taxi Driver

Another way to do this is to ask the company if they use a particular taxi firm and take a cab from that firm from the train station if you came by train.

I‘ve done this before and managed to get a full rundown on the people who I was going to meet at one company.

Taxi drivers like to talk and they‘ll tell you anything you ask.

The more senior people are the more likely they are to use that particular cab firm – and they‘ll have chatted away to regular drivers at the cab company.

Differentiator for Contract Job

When there are several candidates for a job or contract it may be something small that differentiates one candidate from the rest.

Make sure that you have done the above preparations before you attend the interview and you may find that one or more of those will give you an advantage over the others.

Companies like people who prepare properly and reward them with work.

Successful IT contractors do everything to make a difference.

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