How to Pass a Job Interview before you have even started it

Pass a Job interview before interview has started
Pass a Job interview before interview has started - here's how

Pass a Job Interview

This article is on how to pass a job interview early.

They say that most interviews are passed or failed in the first 2 minutes of the interview.

Some experts say that it is in the first 30 seconds.

However, just as important is what happens before you even start the interview.

That‘s when the interviewer or interviewers form their opinions of you.

Pass a Job Interview
Pass a Job Interview before the interview has started

Waiting at Reception

At most interviews you sit in reception for 10 to 15 minutes before the interviewer / Project Manager comes down to get you.

So, use this time to be pleasant to the receptionist.

When the interviewer shows you out the door at the end of the interview it will give the receptionist an opportunity to say something good or bad about you.

If you have been short or cross with the receptionist, he or she may well say to the interviewer, who they are sure to know, something like ‘I didn‘t like him’.

Positive Interview Message

If you have been pleasant, he, or she, might say ‘He seemed very nice. We had a nice chat’.

How an interviewee gets on with the staff there is very important to managers when taking on staff.

They don‘t want someone who will be rude to the other people already there and who will not be part of a united team.

The Long Walk to Interview Room

The next thing to do is to use your time usefully on the way up to the interview room with the interviewer.

Prepare Properly for an Interview
Prepare Properly for an Interview for a contract job

Make sure there is not one of those awkward silences on the way there.

Have something prepared that you are going to say to break the ice.

So, be prepared for the usual questions like ‘Did you have any trouble getting here’. Have more to say than just Yes or No.

Prepared to Pas a Job Interview

If you have prepared properly for the interview you will have asked the agency putting you forward something about the person interviewing you and what their interests are.

If you are able to say ‘I hear you play squash (or tennis or football or rugby etc.)’ that will break the ice and forge a bond before you even get to the interview room.

Ask the interviewer what kind of company it is to work for.

The fact that he or she is still there means that they are almost certain to enjoy working there and the answer will be in the positive putting him or her in a good frame for mind for the interview.

Ask the interviewer what the people who work there are like.

Again he or she is likely to answer positively and this will put them in a good frame of mind for the interview.

Coffee Machine

If they ask you on the way up if you would like a cup of tea or coffee always say Yes as this will give you more time to bond with them before the interview starts.

successful interviews for contractors
Successful Interviews for contractors

Ask him or her what sports or other activities take place at the company.

You‘re sure to be interested in one or more of them which will give you the opportunity to say that you take part in them.

Interviewers like people who will fit in and take an active part in social activities at the company.

Warm Greeting to Help Pass a Job Interview

Although the person taking you up to the interview room is likely to be the main decision maker there may be other people in the room waiting to interview you.

Greet them warmly with a shake of the hand and a smile and indulge in some small talk before the start of the interview.

Say something like ‘It seems a good place to work’ which will get them talking in a positive manner and to view you as a positive person who will like the place and fit in with the team.

Many people waste this opportunity and just walk up to the interview in mostly silence or in awkward conversation.

However, the King of the Interview already has the interview mostly in his pocket before he even starts the interview in earnest.

He knows how to pass a contract or job interview before it has even started.

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    1. Oh, great to see that I do not need CTO skills to become one.

      So, next time a junior developer is invited to an interview for a CTO role just needs to be sociable.
      Good to know!

      • Junior Developers don’t get invited to interviews for CTOs. You don’t get invited to an interview unless they think you have the skills. That’s a given.


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