Contractor to Permie – How to jump successfully

Contractor to Permie
Contractor to Permie

Contractor to Permie

Reader, Insincere, sent us this article about jumping from contractor to permie. Here’s what he says.

I think a contractor has to choose the company he/she goes permie with very carefully. Over the years I have contracted I have worked for some brilliant ones and some absolutely terrible ones. I regret now not having taken up permie offers with some of the good ones.

I would only ever suggest you go permie with a ‘good one’. That’s one that you know and have preferably already contracted for. When they offer the right package and role.

Good Game Plan

I think a good game-plan is to:

a) Firstly, you won‘t need to worry about going permie if you get a contract on a long term project. Do not worry about IR35 and let yourself pay your taxes. However, do so knowing you will probably be on that project for 10 years or more and probably will retire from it.

b) Hold out for a ‘GOOD’ company. That’s one that has a good culture and treats its staff well. You want that is about to undertake a major IT revamp and get in on it in some contract capacity.

Maximise Your Time There as a Contractor

Maximise the time you can stay there as a contractor. Become indispensable and then when they ask you to go permie – when they come to you and offer you a role and a package – bite their hand off.

If, after X years of you saving them again and again from one IT or business disaster after another, they ask you go to permie and ask you to take tests or be interviewed by HR walk away – in fact, walk away long before that.

Suss the company out.

Companies Admired Contractors

I contracted for many US companies in the past where they ADMIRED contractors and felt it was a key part of their strategy to make contractors go permie with them as they wanted dynamic people with excellent skills.

The Americans have a different culture and appreciation towards people who have had the courage to become self-employed than here in the UK. Target those companies.

c) Avoid short-term contracts with small companies, companies you would never want to go permie with, or simply ones that pay the highest rate. In the long-term it is a mug’s game ignoring this advice.

Find Good Companies

Find the good companies – culture as well as money. Aim, as mentioned previously, for the major long-term projects such as a new AD roll-out, a Portal implementation, a Mobile or VOIP strategy, etc, etc.

In other words, something which is key to the company and where you can prove your worth.

Then the move from contractor to permie is much easier.

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