IT Contracting Market – How It Really Works

it contracting market workings
IT Contractor market - how it works

IT Contracting Market

This is how the IT contracting market works in reality.

From a reader in response to our article ‘Tips for Getting a Good IT Contract Rate’.

How the IT Contracting Market works now:

1. You refuse to set a fixed rate, agent doesn’t put your forward – end of game.

2. You try to up your rate, agent says you have gone elsewhere and puts forward another candidate.

Mid-contract Rate Cut

At mid-contract the Client insists you take a 10% rate cut or give notice.

It comes as a bit of a shock. However, you don’t want to lose the other 90% of your income so you agree. You’d really love to tell them to stuff it though.

At renewal – Agent Doesn’t call

1. Your moron agent doesn’t return your calls or e-mails.

2. New contract arrives in the post.

3. No-one, client or agent will even discuss it.

4. You refuse to sign. Get another contract and leave on one weeks notice.

5. Two months later the same agent sends you an e-mail about a new contract opportunity.

Broken Market

Honestly the whole IT Contracting market is broken.

90% of the contracts advertised don’t exist.

Agencies and agents are a waste of time with constant spam e-mails and stupid phone calls.

They treat their contractors like BT treat their phone customers, with hidden contempt and loathing.

The market is ripe for a new business model. There are some interesting sparks on the horizon.

Look out for some of those.

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