Successfully changed my CV – How I Did It

Successfully Changed My CV
Successfully Changed My CV

Successfully Changed MY CV

By reader Anon who wants tolet us all know how “I successfully changed my CV”.

It was published as comments after one of our articles but we think it deserves a wider audience.

Interview Lined Up

Anyway, I got an interview lined up this week.

I overhauled (refactored) my CV this month, modernized it.

I also erased every reference to Agile, Scrum, or any other lightweight bollocks that I henceforth refuse to work with.

Been sending it out since last Monday and have a very positive response.

Covering Letter

The format I’m using merges the covering letter into page 1.

The letter is tailored for each application and is ‘signed’ including today’s date, so they know it’s for ‘them’ so to speak.

The letter is three to four paragraphs and highlights examples of previous use of the relevant skills along with measures of success.

Bottom of page one is a ‘skills matrix’.

This is a table containing what I deem to be the ten most relevant skills for the job (including all those mentioned in the ad) and my level of expertise.

First Page of CV

So page 1:

Personal details
Education & Achievements
Covering ‘letter’
Skills on offer

Second Page of CV

Onto page 2, previous experience.

Page 2 begins with the most recent project, but never with an end-date attached to it.

For each previous job I put no more than four or five lines, one of which simply lists the core technologies.

More attention is paid to those ‘specially relevant’ past jobs that were referred in the covering letter.

The detail given here does not repeat what was in the covering letter – it compliments it.

This is the whole point of the covering letters – to draw attention to relevant previous experience.

Senior Contractors

Most people needn’t go beyond two pages with this format, although senior contractors with a lot of jobs under their belts may wish to list all projects more than ten years ago as one liners (MM/YY-MM/YY, Company, City, Job Title, Technology), which can run into page 3 if necessary, but probably shouldn’t fill it.

I’ve discussed the format with quite a few agents, and taken on board some of their suggestions.

Proof of the pudding, though, is getting interviews.

I’ve been put forward for three roles this week, one interview lined up so far, and it’s only Tuesday.

So far the format seems to be working out or the economy just took a turn for the better.

So, that’s how I successfully changed my CV.