Greedy Agent |How I screwed him up good and proper

Greedy Agent
Greedy Agent

Greedy Agent

This article about a greedy agent is from the now defunct

Bum Steers


I always give lead hungry, greedy agents bum steers.

I told one earlier last month that their was a huge covert project underway at Barcap related to offshore investment and that the managers had been instructed not even talk about it, as well as one lucky agent who had to keep quiet as well.

This daft greedy agent must have been on the phone to Canary Wharf all afternoon promising not to say anything if they would just give him the requirement.


He called me at 1700, about 4 hours after the original call, and just exploded on the telephone calling me a f******g c**t and saying he was going to kill me, so I switched the record function on on my mobile and caught the lot.

I then called the Metropolitan Police and informed them that someone had threatened to kill me and that I had managed to record it all.

Greedy Agent Arrested

So, they were around like a shot, took my phone, and arrested the agent that evening.

They formally charged him with making a threat to kill and bailed.

He appeared in court last week and they jailed him for three months.

That’s how to screw over an agent. Comment

Well, that’s some story.

I’m sure many IT Contractors will sympathise with your predicament after all the times they have been conned by agents spamming references from them. It looks like this greedy agent got his comeuppance.

I suppose that if he was making threats and meant them, rather than just blowing off steam, then he deserved it.

It may make it harder for this greedy agent to get a job in the industry in the future – and some will say that this is good for the industry.

Or then again – it may make it easier!

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