Career Progression – How do I get myself promoted?

Career Progression
Career Progression

Career Progression Question

This time we have a question from a reader on career progression and how to best achieve it. He asks the following.

What‘s the best way to get promotion?

Dr. McLaughlin Replies

The best way I can explain it is this way.

There are people who have ambitions to be Prime Minister or President. There are other people who want to be Prime Minister or President because they want to do something.

The first ones don‘t do much when they get there. They‘ve achieved their ambitions, and their only remaining ambition is to keep the electorate happy so that they get elected again.

The second category usually get more done because the limit if their ambitions haven‘t been reached.

Career Progression for Young Developers

I think that it is the same with young developers. There are some who desperately want to be promoted. However, they are too impatient to do the job that they are currently doing.

There are others who enjoy the job that they are doing. They are keen to do it well, and do it well. Those are the ones that I‘ve promoted.

It seems too easy to say, but do your current job well, and you‘ll be most of the way there.

Staying in Your Current Job

The way to stay in your current job is to deliberately try to get around any new initiative that your management puts in place. That’s because you don‘t agree with it. There will be no career progression.

If you don‘t agree with it, argue your case up front. Recognise, however, that he or she has the authority to put these new initiatives, like a new methodology or quality improvement processes, in place.

There‘s nothing annoys a manager more than to find that people who work for him or her, are deliberately sidestepping new initiatives that they‘ve put in place.

Help your manager to achieve his or her objectives. Support their initiatives. Don‘t be one of those who try to stop his or her changes. Then you‘ll find that the manager will feel positive towards you when it comes to promotions.

This is the best way to obtain career progression.

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