How can I make my agency wait till I go for another Interview

Another Interview
Another Interview - how to make agency wait

Another Interview

Alan has asked our advice after getting another interview when he has been successful with one interview.

I have one contract in the bag but I have an interview to go to in a couple of days‘ time.

The money is 15% higher and I won‘t have to work away from home.

However, the agency is pushing me to take the current contract.

They said that the client needs to know by the end of the day or they‘ll take someone else.

Time is short.

Any suggestions Dr McLaughlin?

Dr McLaughlin‘s IT Contractor Surgery

Alan, agencies do this all the time.

It is likely that it is the agency rather than the client who needs to know by the end of the day.

This is what is called closing the deal.

They have found you a contract against competition and they stand to make money from it.

They have nothing to lose but their credibility (sic) if they tell you something that isn‘t true, i.e. that it is the client who needs to know by the end of the day.

Even if they call your bluff they would only be in the same situation as before. That is, they would be waiting for the result of your other interview.

Agency Bluff

Of course you would be taking the chance that they were not bluffing if you tried to call their bluff.

You‘ll be thinking that maybe it IS the client who is demanding you sign up by the end of the day. That’s maybe but unlikely.

If you look at it from the client‘s view they have picked the person or persons they think best to do the job.

They would prefer to wait a couple of days to see if they can get the best person rather than just take the second best person. They’ve set setting their heart on the best person.

It doesn‘t make any sense to go for second best if it is just a case of waiting a couple of days.

They‘ll understand that the person that they thought best at interview may well be wanted by others.

The only danger is that the person they had in second place is from the same agency that got you the job.

Agency Percentage

The agency will want to make sure that they have a contractor in the job. They won‘t much care who it is as long as they get their percentage.

You know obviously the kind of tricks that avaricious agents get up to.

It wouldn‘t bother them at all to say that you have declined the contract and try to sell the other person to the client.

However, the agency would be taking a bit of a risk here.

The client may not be too sure about the 2nd best person and may still be getting CVs in.

The agency is likely to wait that couple of days to get your reply.

My Experience with Agencies

Is it worth bluffing?

All I can say that any time in my contracting career when I called the agency‘s bluff over this, when I had another interview lined up, they always waited.

They are very likely to wait for you too.

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