Contract Renewal – How and Whom should I ask for one

Contract Renewal Rate Rise
Contract Renewal Rate Rise

Contract Renewal

So how do you get a contract renewal at good rates and whom should you ask for one?

The first question, ‘whom‘, depends on how good you are at negotiating.

If you ware hopeless and don‘t like to ask for more money then leave it to your agent.

He or she couldn‘t do any worse than you would if you don‘t like to ask for more money.

Also, those not sure if they will be renewed might want to ask their agent to ask for them.

Contract Renewal Time
Contract Renewal Time for contractors

Approach the Client

However, in most circumstances it is much better that you approach the client yourself.

You never know what an agent‘s agenda is.

If the agency get all of the client‘s contractors for them then they may want to replace you with someone who gets them a better margin from the client.

Falling Daily Rates?

There‘s also another factor.

We saw last year that while contractor rates were falling, agency after agency came to the stock market to say that their margins rose.

Is it possible that some agents were getting renewal rises for contractors from clients and not passing them on?

Own the Customer

It is well known in businesses that whoever owns the customer owns the business.

Moreover, it is best not to have an intermediary between you and the client.

It also gives you a better chance of getting renewed by the client if you approach the decision maker at the client yourself.

Getting a Good Contract Renewal Rise
Getting a Good Contract Renewal Rise

If the client is looking to cut down on his or her contractors it is a lot easier to tell the agent over the phone that he or she is not renewing you than to tell you to your face.

The best way of all is to arrange to take the client out for a meal at somewhere fancy.

That‘s what your agent does so it must work.

When to Ask for Rate Rise

Do it maybe half way through your 3 month contract or with six weeks to go of a longer one.

Rather than say it is so you can ask for a renewal say it is to ascertain how you are doing and that it is standard practice in business to take a client out..

Tell him or her that it is tax deductible if there is any remaining suspicion.

They‘ll understand that.

How to Ask for Rate Rise

So, the next question is how you should do ask for a contract renewal rate rise. Here are previous articles we wrote on the subject.

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Then the conclusion…

Getting a Good Rise at Renewal Time Part 3

Eight Steps to Getting a Good Rise at Renewal Time

How do I get a high Agency Margin Down at Renewal Time?

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