Recruitment Agency Deception – How top agency tried to trick me

Recruitment Agency Deception
Recruitment Agency Deception

Recruitment Agency Deception

A reader sent us this article about Recruitment Agency Deception.

Several years ago, the day before an interview I got one of ‘those calls’ from MSB.

I was still a nit naive in those days. So divulged to MSB that it was near London Bridge and in the Financial Sector, but no more. I didn’t know at the time that it was an unadvertised, preferred supplier contract. Hence, MSB couldn’t find out where it was.

That afternoon, I had 2 calls. One professing to be from Lorien and another from Computer People. They said they had a great contract that fits my skills just right.

Two Calls for Contracts

Both times, it was in the London Bridge area. However, they didn’t think it was the same as the one I was up for.

‘So, where is your one exactly, is it in such-and-such a road?’, ‘Is it with so-and-so?’.

The thing is, I recognised the voice immediately as being one of the droids at MSB and played along.

MSB must be the most devious and unpleasant agencies in the marketplace.

The recruitment manager on one project I worked on specifically told contractors not to give details to MSB. That’s because he couldn’t stand them pestering him and other staff.

IT Contractor Comment

To be fair I must point out that this was several years ago. The people running the company now are very different from the people running the company a few years ago.

I also must say that MSB have a very good reputation of looking after their contractors when they get them work. They pay on time and regularly.

I still must say, though, that MSB had previously got a very bad reputation for this type of thing from contractors.

It also has to be said that MSB‘s turnover has fallen for each of the last 5 years – starting even before the downturn.

Chamberlain Scott International

We have also seen the demise of that other company pilloried by contractors, Chamberlain Scott International which went into administration.

It seems that they both suffer from the Curse of the Contractor.

Those that treat contractors well are doing well themselves.

It just goes to show that what goes around comes around.

Beware recruitment agency deception.

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