Dodgy Agent – How a Contractor Stuck it to a Dodgy Agent

Dodgy Agent met his match in this contractor
Dodgy Agent got his comeuppance

A reader posted this article about a dodgy agent in he comments section after one of our articles.

Dodgy Agent

An IT Contractor I once worked with told me why he did so once.

An agent he had worked with once before called him up and offered to put him forward for a role.

He told the agent that there was no chance, as he still hadn’t paid him for the last month of the previous job.

The agent agreed that if he went to the interview and got the job he would pay up what he owed.

So he went, got the job, got the money he was owed, and that was the last that agent or his client every heard of him.

IT Contractor Comment


Not only did the agent have to stump up but he lost out on his commission for the new contract – and lost credibility in his client‘s eyes – a triple whammy!

What do readers think?

Did the freelancer go too far?

I suppose the client was the innocent victim but he or she would get over it quickly and just hire someone else.

So, would you have done what this contractor did to get your money or was this a step too far?

How would you deal with this dodgy agent? Did the agent and agency deserve this?

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    1. If I were the contractor I’d tell the client later that I didn’t take the position up because I didn’t elect the agency to actually pay.


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