Goodbye IR35 and UK Banks Says Contractor as He Moves to Europe

Goodbye IR35
Goodbye IR35

Goodbye IR35 Says Contractor

A contractor says goodbye not just to IR35 but to the Government who are implementing it and the big banks who are issuing blanket bans on personal service company contractors. The UK’s big banks are once again working in tandem. Surely they are not operating a cartel to the detriment of contractors.

Questions on Why Contractor Says Goodbye IR35

  1. Where is the contractor going to escape IR35?
  2. Where did the Contractor Come from
  3. Why is he leaving the UK?
  4. Why Does the Contractor Blame the UK Government ?

Where is the contractor going to escape IR35

I’m tired of this sh*t in this country. I’m going to Amsterdam for 6 months to contract there.

I’m appalled by the way this country is run and especially the way us contractors have been treated by the government.

Where did the Contractor Come from

I came here from Australia. Being a Commonwealth citizen, I had to pay 6k for my personal visa under my spouse as no companies really want to sponsor you.

Also that needs to be renewed every 30 months for same fee.

Why is he leaving the UK

Now with the IR35 changes, I have decided it’s time to move into Europe.

The rates are better and the government is giving you a special tax rate of 30%.

The banks there are willing to sponsor my visa as well.

Their banks are happy for you to work couple of days a week from UK and their contract lengths are big too.

I start shortly.

Furthermore as a person with no kids, there is not much for me to lose.

Why Does the Contractor Blame the UK Government

This government has done nothing to help we contractors, instead kicking the little guys when they are down. I believe the contract market here will only be for the very few.

Goodbye UK Government!

Goodbye the UK’s Major Banks!

Goodbye IR35!

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    1. Pretty much the same reasons, I left the UK to live in Europe 15 months ago, although I’m not in the same industry as the contractor above and most of my clients are in the UK. The only difference is I work remotely with different clients, although it tends to be on a project by project basis with some juggling of client projects to make things work for me.

      I also went to the Netherlands who offered a 30% entrepreneurs discounted tax rate.

      The UK has become anti-freelancer. As a lifelong Tory voter (a wet Tory not like the clowns we have at the moment), I will most certainly not be voting for the current bunch of self-serving hypocrites. I wouldn’t trust them to organise a piss-up in a brewery.


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