Get real. Computer Programming is easy

computer programming easy
Computer Programming is easy

Computer Programming

This article, Get Real, Computer Programming Is Easy, was posted by a reader as comments after one of our articles.

Computer Programmers

Look boys and girls this guy is right you have ALL got to wake up to the realities of the REAL world.

At the end of the day computer programming et al is basically glorified car mechanics.

My wife speaks three languages and earns £20K / year. Each of her languages consist of thousands of words.

Computer Languages Easy

Computer languages consist of tens of words at most.

Think about it. If it is so difficult how can so called uneducated third world people be taken out of fields and be trained in such vast quantities to do it.

The answer, because computer programming is not that HARD.

Views of an Ex Computer Programmer

I am an ex-computer programmer that has moved in to project management and I am positioning myself to move into the general management of the business.

WHY, because it is HARDER to outsource as it is less easily learned and has more culturally dependent IT skills.

If I can offer you all one further tip, we have all been SPOILT by quite frankly ridiculous money for what is basically something which is very easy.

Golden Days of Computer Programming Over

SUPPLY is now starting to catch DEMAND and guess what everyone, the golden days are NEVER EVER coming back.

STOP wasting your energy on moaning and instead start focusing on how you can re-position yourself to start adding REAL value in this new world!

Programming is Easy. That’s why they can get hundreds of thousands of third world workers to do it. Learn a new skill that is less easily replicated.

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