Fourth Technology Wave about to sweep over us

Fourth Technology Wave
Fourth Technology Wave

Fourth Technology Wave

According to George F Colony of Forrester Research we are about to be hit by the Fourth Technology Wave.

The first wave saw the rise of mainframe computers beginning in 1956.

According to Colony, in the fourth wave, which would dramatically change the computing world, the web would be replaced by a different technology. It would be driven by what he called ‘Executable Internet’, ‘Extended Internet’ and ‘Social Computing’.

Extended Internet

Dwelling on ‘Extended Internet’, Colony said 715 million devices were now connected to the Internet. The figure would touch 14 billion by 2012. Around USD 2.7 trillion would be invested in Internet devices and services by then.

“It is bridging the physical world to the Internet world. Extended Internet is happening now,” Colony said.

ITContractor Comment

Although there is not a lot of it, I thought that it was worth bringing to the attention of our readers, as those of us in the technology industry need to know in which direction our business is headed.

To be perfectly frank, though, I don’t know fully what is meant by the terms above like Extended Internet. I would think it refers to all the devices etc. that you can connect to the internet like iPods, mobile phones etc. That’s especially where the term Social Computing is concerned.

The Executable Internet may refer to, for exaple, the latest Google Product which allows you to trawl the internet for programme code.

Central Source for data

I’m sure there will be lots more uses in each area in the future. The internet looks like being a central source for data, information etc.

What I don’t really know is how any of this will help those in the IT industry like IT Contractors. If any of our readers know anything about this and how it will help IT Contractors and what skills they would need, please feel free to help out here.

AS far as the second and third waves are concerned my guess would be that the second wave was the advent of Personal Computers. The third wave was maybe the advent of the Internet.

But, as with most of this article, it is just an educated guess.

Are you prepared for the Fourth Technology Wave?