Football and the Contractor

Football and the Contractor
Football and the Contractor

Football and Contracting

This article, about contractors and football, is by Paranoid Pete.

I have a checklist of item to look at when I decide to take a new contract and assign appropriate ratings for each one.

Obviously issues like skills, rate, location etc. deserve a high rating whilst there are some which although getting a low mark, can sometimes tip the balance.

These might be for most people something like having a shopping centre near the place of work or else a good well subsidised staff restaurant.

Football in the Office

For me, a big plus once the important stuff has been decided, is the existence of football in the office.

Now without blowing my own trumpet too much, I used to be a decent player of Sunday league standard but no more.

This is often enough to put me amongst the top players in any department. This has the benefit of getting a measure of respect from other workers early in the contract during the settling in first month.

Good Idea to Exercise

Obviously it‘s a good idea to take exercise.

I find that doing something at lunchtime means one works better in the afternoon without the usual dip. I am able to think more clearly. Maybe it‘s because the left side of the brain gets a rest during the running about.

It‘s interesting to see how your work colleagues behave during the football.

I‘m a firm believer that people‘s true personalities come out when they play sport. Sometimes you do get the mild mannered bespectacled chap who turns into Roy Keane during the match but that‘s the only exception.

Cut Corners at Work

If someone‘s lazy on the pitch, they‘ll often cut corners in their work.

If your team leader is an over competitive type or any other worker for that matter, I would say it‘s not worth getting bothered by this if it risks your contract.

I‘m afraid it‘s yet another time to the contractor to bite his or her lip.

Of course all this could be applied to any job.

Organise Game for Contractors

What the canny contractor can do is offer to organise a regular football game. This involves booking the hall, getting 10 players to show up and collecting money.

You‘ll find nobody else will want to do it. This might help you get the extension at the expense of others.

In the past we‘ve had football matches – Over 30‘s against Under 30‘s, England versus Rest of the World etc.

Don‘t organise a Contractors versus Permies match though.

This will turn into a bloodbath!

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