Fintech Contract Rates and Jobs Boom – IT Contractors In Financial Sector

Fintech Contract Rates
Fintech Contract Rates

Fintech Contract Rates

Fintech Contract rates and salaries went up by as much as 25% in the past year according to a report by major recruiting company Robert Walters.

The number of Fintech jobs and contracts went up by an astonishing 61%. London is the main city in Europe for Fintech venture capital sucking in 39% of all Europe’s Venture Capital. It’s closest rival Berlin has 21% with Paris next on 18%. The much touted tech hub of Dublin has only 2%.

Fintech Contract Rates in the IT Sector

Half of the Fintech jobs were in the IT sector. According to Robert Walters report we are seeing an 8% rise in Fintech contract rates and salaries year-on-year. The largest growth area was in Compliance with 85% job growth in the last year.

According to James Murray of Robert Walters “Over the next 12 months, we can expect to see the greatest salary movement in the high-demand skills areas, where skills shortages are experienced the most acutely.”

Data Engineering Rate Rises

In the Data Engineering, Development and Devops sector Fintech contract rates grew by 15%. Salaries rose by 10%. However, contract rates for Development Managers rose by an astounding 36.5%.

In the Data Science and Analytics sector Fintech contract rates rose by 7%. In the Technology area Fintech contract rates rose by 5%. However Technical Lead rates soared by 14.3%.

So, it looks like the Fintech sector is a great place for all contractors but especially those in IT. Rates are predicted to continue to outstrip those of IT Contractors in other sectors.

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