CV Shortlist – Employer, How I Short List 5 CVs from 100

CV Shortlist
CV Shortlist

CV Shortlist

So, how do potential employers shortlist CVs?

We received this from someone who has been through the process many times. It takes an opposite view from our recent article.

CV Searches

I have done lots of CV searches for my company, and bin all CVs over three pages.

Send me a five pager and you have no chance.

When you get 100 CVs to read and 3 hours to make up a short list of 5 to discuss fully, anything that saves time is useful.

To be honest, when time is tight, I normally only get to the first page of a CV.

We have not been employing anyone for the last two years, except for graduates straight from college) so I am a bit out of practice.

We discuss the five further, and we will normally interview 3 of those.

CVS that I Reject

Other auto bins are –

1. Bad handwriting (we still get handwritten cvs!)

2. Too much colour

3. Too hard to find info (if I can‘t find it easily on your CV you might as well not have not done it)

4. Inconsistent info (we normally get CVs from several agencies, with duplicates. We do compare them, and if anything is different bye bye).

Do you not get on the CV shortlist?

Perhaps it could be for one of the above reasons.